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"The story of the UFO Watchtower in Colorado's San Luis Valley, conceived and built by Judy Messoline. Includes dozens of witness testimonials of UFO sightings collected by the author over the years from visitors to the Watchtower."


Judy Messoline

"This is an autobiography of a mind controlled survivor. It is the true riveting story of one woman's survival against the odds. When you are born in an MK-Ultra family, military abduction, harassment, surveillance, and torture are the norm. This volume 1 of series of 4 books."


Miesha Johnston


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"Mary and Hannah are generational experiencers of the unknown realms. Their book documents what they have experienced with UFO's, Extraterrestrials Races, and Shadow Agencies. They show how they have learned to come to terms with this reality using their knowledge of the metaphysical realm."


Mary Muñoz and Hannah Thoresen

"The Moor, The Mason, And the Alien: A Call To Action."


Richard Smith

"Go deep into the matrix and discover the diabolical plans for our future as envisioned by the ILLUMINATI – a Secret Society of ruthless men against humanity, bent on total world domination!"


Will Champion

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