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Kat's Stuff from Questa New Mexico

I make ALIEN Dolls that are made from cottons & sometimes recycled fabrics.

They range from 13" to 15" tall, and are machine washable. I have NO websites, this is just one of my hobbies!

(I have been making Aliens for 6 years, for the Roswell Alien Festival, in New Mexico).

Enchanted Genie, LLC from Colorado Springs

We are a Wicca coven. We have an online metaphysical store that specializes in empowering, cleansing, and personalizing all our items so that each item is truly powerful and unique. We teach classes, workshops, and provide a variety of services. We are based out of Colorado Springs. Our coven members talents range from being part Pleiadian alien race, natural born empaths, mediums, healers, herbologists, channelers, certified Angel practitioners, certified Isis high priestesses, to lots more. Our items range from jewelry, pendulums, dowsing items, altar & ritual essentials, crystals, books, statues, kids items and more.

AEI-Alien Evidence, Inc.

Do you have an implant? Meet Steve Colbern!

Steve Colbern is a Chemist/Materials Scientist with over 20 years of industrial experience. He is currently working in the area of carbon nanotubes and working to start a nanotechnology company. Steve is also a UFO abduction researcher and an Experiencer and was a partner of the late Dr. Roger Leir from 2008 until his death in 2014. He met Dr. Leir after seeing him as a patient, shortly after a mysterious object appeared in his toe in 2008. Steve analyzed several alleged alien implants that Dr. Roger Leir removed from his patients, including his own, and has uncovered startling findings.

Phone: (805) 625-2549

Email: [email protected]

Mystical Signatures

Authors and Generational Experiencers share their ET encounters through artistic expressions:

Book, Note Cards, Post Cards, Alien Catchers, Clay Beads, Mouse Pads, and introducing "Crystal Contact" Oracle Cards and much more!

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