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An ongoing series of informational entries

Sighting Number 101: Jonah S, Laura T. & John B. 

September 14, 2015

We saw a light in the horizon sky above the mountain range, looked like a star or satellite in size and brightness except it sped up and stopped which caught my eye. Then our, the next hour, it stayed in one area, swerving and zig zagging around. It flickered like a star, looked a lot like a star, but didn’t stop moving for a few seconds. It was still there and could be seen by me over the light of our fire even. “It was Bizarre!!”

Sighting Number 100: Orange Lights in the Distance - Steve G.

September 4, 2015

Around 11 PM, I saw about 6 or 7 orange lights in the distance (southwest). Each light was about an inch apart to the naked eye. Then in a weird pattern, the lights turned off and never came back on. I thought they could have been towers with lights blinking, but they never came back on. 

"Fired on the Mountain": Codi & Bailey

August 26, 2015

Around three AM we started seeing some things that were really neat. We watched two different lights take off from the top of the mountains one from the dunes. They were both orange-ish, red and seemed to move in a spiral that shot up into the sky. Then we saw a twinkling, flashing orange and yellow lights, moving fast across the sky and as it moved over head it slowed almost to a complete stop! 

From the Tower: Tash M. & Erin C.

August 23, 2015

Last night my mom and I saw three red lights at the base of the mountains to the east. The lights seemed to be separate and were moving in unusual directions. At first we thought they were cars off in the distance, but then one shot straight off up and into the air and slowly came down. They would come together and would “scan” the ground. They would then move away from each other and would move up and down and side to side. It was quite a light show. As they started to come closer it spooked us and call for my husband to pick us up. When he drove up the lights disappeared. My husband turned off the lights to his truck and the lights were back. Craziest thing I have ever experienced in my life. “They seemed to respond to us when we shined the flashlight at them.” Location of lights: East at the base of the mountains north of the Sand Dunes and south of Crestone.

Zaca P. & Susan G. 

August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015: Zaca P. & Susan G.

At around 12:30 AM. We were sitting on top of the tower watching the stars and one of them stars started moving erratically, then stopped every now and then. 

Elvah, Nate & BK

July 29, 2015

At around 10-11 ish, an object no bigger than a star started to fly in an irregularity, circular pattern often shifting course, and flashing a bright light every once in a while. The moment a plane appeared it moved very quickly and then disappeared. 

Keenan & Chris

July 15, 2015

Camped here and at approximately 12:30 AM. We saw a light appear in the SSE, 20 degrees above the horizon. Did not move in relation to surrounding stars. A dim to bright gold/yellow random flicker! It was amazing and we shall be back!

Elaine B. - Crestone, CO

July 11, 2015

Driving down highway, a few miles north of the UFO Watchtower, at 10 AM. Saw a huge flash of light like a reflection. When I looked up there was a saucer. I was astounded and pulled to the side of the road, but all of a sudden it vanished. I was happy I had finally seen one after living in the SLV for 15 years. 

Candace K. - Hooper, CO

June 5, 2015

I had come over to the Tower to lock up as Judy was out of town. We were gearing up for another afternoon of thunderstorms and there was a black storm cloud south of and behind Blanca. I looked up and saw something white and thought “big white bird,” but then realized it was too far away to be a bird, so I looked again and saw this. (There is a picture of a shape that would remind one of a bird in flight). I watched for a couple of minutes. Think I was really seeing a real UFO, not doubts what so ever. It started to blink, then strobes and vanished.

Note: Same one seen near Ft. Garland, CO at 8 - 8:30 PM on April 12, 2015

Candace K. - Hooper, CO

January 2015

Was sitting on the front steps at the Bed and Breakfast when I saw a jet flying south along the mountains just below the tree line. As it came to where the dunes are I could see it was chasing a round object. It chased it across the dunes and up over Mosca Pass and then the sound caught up. It was chasing the object at supersonic speeds.


September 19, 2014: 11:45 AM

Two ladies (1 from Ohio and 1 from Albuquerque) saw 2 silver discs flying from west to east north of the Tower. Took pics – will know more when they are put in the computer. 


August 22, 2014

Campers saw a figure about 6’ tall walk across the Garden around 1030 PM. Also saw a break in the solar lights like someone walked through the light.

Abe M., Hannah TM, Kevin & Mary M.

September 3, 2000

I was camping with my family at the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, CO on September 3, 2000. It was sometime during the night that I woke up and found myself out of the tent we were sleeping in. I looked to my left. There was a space craft (cigar shape) hovering off the ground about ten feet of so. I looked over at one of the outhouses and I saw some grey looking aliens that were actually white (not grey) with emerald green eyes looking my way walking around. About five to ten I would say. They were coming my way. Then I saw one tall one that was skinny. I said to myself, “What in the world is going on.” Meantime I saw more jumping out of the space ship. I didn’t know if it was a carrier or troop ship. At the end there must have been at least 20 or so. I heard no noise, there was no smell and I couldn’t say if it was hot or cold temperature.

Note to the Reader: There were five individuals who experienced this sighting. Each person had their own memory. Abe M. was the only one who saw the beings.

1. A young relative (Kevin) that saw the light of the ship come through the tent (roulette wheel) and noticed that Abe was in fact not in there while the tent doorway was closed.

2. Our daughter, Hannah TM, heard the chattering outside the tent.

3. Mary M. heard the ship come over the location.

4. The owner’s son saw a light over the area close to where we were camped.


July 13, 2000

My name is Charlene. F. I am a dimensional clairvoyant. And on July the 4th I have again returned to the San Luis Valley. And I enjoyed the night with the owner, Judy, when they had the fireworks. The following night, on July the 5th, I was very tired, and I heard a buzzing. I came up out of the backseat of my van, looked up over the front seat, and I saw all the dashboard was on. It was acting like the car was going to start and then it stopped. This happened three times in the course of the evening. And then several times during my stay here, and today is July 13th. I have been camping out there ever since the 4th. And several times there would be knocking on the windshield, there would be sounds coming from outside the car and not once was there anybody there. Thank you.


July 12, 2000

And we just had a report of three objects up against the mountains directly across from the Watchtower. And there were three of them there and now they have left. They were glowing. Glowing objects. 

Very first recorded sighting at the UFO Watchtower: Judy

June 16, 2000

There was a group of individuals, some who had been meditating at the Tower. I and some other people noticed a cigar-shaped craft that was bronze in color and was illuminated with white lights. It zipped in front of the Tower on the east side of the road. The time was bout 11-11:30 PM. 

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